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"Great slogans... great graphics.... fast and easy navigation"
"I am a huge stickK fan. The philosophy behind it works perfectly for me (and I bet for a lot of people). I have been using it for several months and it has had an extremely positive effect on my life in a number of areas. I hope you are successful for many years to come!!"
"With StickK, I was able to leverage my passionate ethical beliefs to bring out my best self. I had been having problems with work productivity for my entire career. I knew StickK was the right tool for me as soon as the concept was explained. I signed up for my goals within 24 hours of reading about StickK. By selecting an Anti-Charity that I despised and setting the dollar threshold high enough, I knew I wouldn't be tempted to cheat, and would be motivated to do all I could to make the goals into a reality. Through a combination of all my work productivity commitments, I've been able to head home at 5 pm instead of 9 pm with more done and less stress over the last 2 months since starting StickK. That's four additional hours a day I get to spend with family and friends, doing the things I really enjoy.

If you're having trouble sticking to your commitments, StickK can transform the way you look at them, and more importantly the way you react to them."
Paul from San Francisco
"I am not exaggerating when I say that has helped me change my life. I have always had a lot of trouble sticking with a goal longer than a week or two, and stickk provides that extra structure and push that I need to make things happen. Since I started, I have been able to go to the gym 4 days a week for 9 weeks and lost 6 pounds so far! Now I am using it to help me finish an online course. Next, I've got a bunch of bad habits I've been meaning to change. This is so exciting!"
Sandra from New York
"I love your service and have taken to recommending it to all my friends and family members who I thought could benefit from the service. I've watched many of them succeed in some life-changing hurdles as a result of their involvement with stickK."
Analee from Orlando
"I am really pleased with Even tho I am just reporting my weight to a computer weekly, that is a powerful tool to keep me on track. And it isn't even the loss of the money that is keeping me going (I will give it all to my daughter, the beneficiary no matter what!) It is just being held accountable to myself via your website. Thank you."
Peggy from Rhode Island
"I have lost over fifty pounds to date with my contract. I've lost weight before, but I have never been as motivated as I have been with Stickk.

My contract specified that if I failed to lose 1.25 pounds a week that I would have to send $10 to my most hated political organization. Because Stickk allowed me to tie my weight loss with my strong distaste for this organization, I have had plenty of positive (and negative) energy behind me. As a result, I've lost an average of two pounds a week since the year began.

I think can change lives. It forces you to put up or shut up. It gives you the chance to take bad things in your life (anger, rage, hatred) and turn them to good ends, and it holds you accountable for your decisions. It is a wonderful site, and I suspect I will use it for the rest of my life."
Kevin from Tucson
"You provide such a top service- well done! I will be using stickK for future goals. Thanks again for a great site!"
Anna from Australia
"I have trouble keeping commitments I make to myself, but when I'm accountable to others I tend to be successful. Thanks for the nudge!"
Kathleen from New Jersey
" has been the perfect motivational tool for me to reach my weight loss goal. I've appreciated the support from the StickK community and benefited tremendously from having to be accountable for my actions. I'm already planning out some new commitments to make and will be using StickK again to reach new goals!"
Katherine from Boston
"Given my "problem", there is a huge emotional component to it, so I have found journaling, and this format to be the most successful form of therapy! Thanks for a great service!"
Shirley from Chicago
"Having turned pudgy and lethargic…I used stickK to try to change my lifestyle. The combination of peer surveillance and the threat losing money to the Christian right was the perfect combination. I lost 16 pounds, [and] went from toiling on a treadmill to taking private Pilates lessons...all since joining stickK."
"I've lost over 20 pounds using your web site over the last 3-4 months. It's the most progress I've made in years. Thanks for providing a great service!"
Damon from Sacramento
"As a student studying economics, I have been taught over and over that people are rational and forward-looking, but anyone who has procrastinated knows that isn’t the case. This past semester, with papers to read and exams approaching, a friend and I decided that we need to start studying more. A professor had told us about, so we gave it a try, “stickKing" each other to go to the library 10 hours each week for six weeks. When we accomplished that goal, we increased it to 15 hours a week. When classes ended and it came time to study for final exams, I increased it again to 50 hours a week. As a poor graduate student, I knew that I couldn’t afford not to study! We both ended up achieving our goals, not having to pay a cent, and, most importantly, making it through the semester. Now that I am teaching courses, I make sure to let my students know that really works (even if its efficacy undermines traditional economic theory)."
Treb from Monroe
"I first heard of while reading an article on CNN. I thought maybe it was a joke, but when I checked out the website and saw how successful so many other people were, I decided I would give it a try. I put down 200 dollars to start my goal. I wanted to get down to 183 lbs. The first couple weeks were the hardest. The one thing that kept me motivated was that I didn’t want to break my commitment and lose money. After several weeks I really had to make some adjustments to my lifestyle to keep up with losing the required weekly weight. Using helped me to cut some of the negative lifestyle habits like drinking beer and eating out regularly. I was forced to find healthier and smarter food choices and learned how to use portion control. The one driving force was that I knew I was accountable each week. I failed 3 times but pulled myself up to press on and finish what I started. Honestly I don’t think I have kept such a long commitment to myself before. I am thankful for the motivation and support from other stick users who encouraged me along the way. I would recommend this site to anyone who is serious about making changes in their life."
Jason from Urbana

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