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10 Dec 2007
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25 Jun 2013 02:04 PM
How do I put money on the line if I already set up a goal
13 Apr 2011 01:56 AM
Not right now, Sam. Trying some other stuff.
31 Mar 2011 06:33 PM
http://search.realsi l?Ntt=vegetarian+rec ipes&in_auto=1&a mp;N=0
20 Mar 2011 04:22 PM
Sam, I did not make my goal for this last week, thought I was done last Saturday, especially since I did not get a reminder yesterday morning. That was my weekly reminder date.
2 Mar 2011 10:13 PM
Sorry, first sentence should read:
Thanks. The one that is not working is my Apple iPad....
2 Mar 2011 10:12 PM
Thanks. I one that is not working is my Apple iPad. Everything works perfectly on my regular Windows computer. Yes, I am doing pretty well. Apparently, though, one should never eat salty food later in the day. Sunday I ate deli turkey, Monday I woke up TWO POUNDS heavier! What a bummer. I have not lost that phantom weight, but it was a drag!
11 Feb 2011 11:19 AM
Thanks for being my friend...apparently all of my other friends are too busy! Despite that I am back on track and eating better.
24 Dec 2010 07:04 PM
So far so good
1 Dec 2010 08:10 PM
thanks for keeping me on track ref
19 Jul 2010 01:39 AM
who needs cheese anyway?! bah
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