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7 Feb 2010
anime, videogames, guitar, art, cooking, roller blading, pretending to be a tourist, amusement parks
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19 Aug 2010 03:47 PM
Now, this commitment I can be happy with! :D Even a "got your note, we'll talk more later," or something would be great! Thank you!! And I hope we can go to Carmel on Saturday -- it's the end of summer and we haven't been lately. I need a Carmel fix! :) Can't wait to see you. Friday's my furlough day, so no problem getting off. Thanks again. And I have my first appointment with the financial planner next Wednesday -- that should help me to learn what I have or don't have.... If I can do two more years, great. Can't wait to see you!! :D (Realized I posted this on MY notes -- now I'm reposting here for YOU!) lol Love you!
8 Jul 2010 03:46 PM
I see you were a house guest this week! Good for you! Got to relax and sleep in! But now, back to early rising! :D
3 Mar 2010 01:55 AM
I learned a three hit combo today: heavy kick, light or medium slide, light or medium fireball :D
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