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27 Dec 2018
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Custom Goal (Build a rope) #679520
deanmorbeck commits to:    Build a rope
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Contract Start: 27 Dec 2018       "Build a rope"
I commit to:
Make a list of 10 mates and connect with them, asking them intentionally to join me on the ride.
Contract End: 24 Jan 2019
Contract Length: 4 week(s)
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Commitment Journal what's this?

20 Jan 2019 01:51 AM

I’ve made progress - but haven’t hit “10”. Reaching out and getting “yes”es is one thing, turning these into firm strands is another.

That said - I think the concept and practice of strengthening the rope is a journey and one that requires tending. I have a call tomorrow with one of my besties - to develop this further. I have others in the works.

Like any “habit”, building a network, my rope, will either happen with intention, or it will slide onto the scrapheap of failed personal development projects :(

I have made new or reconnected with 2-3 peers. I think 5 strands is a reasonable number for me - since they take time to nurture.

11 Jan 2019 01:59 AM

On home stretch. I’m finding there it a little harder than I expected to close out 10. What I’ve been doing instead is expanding my circle - while they might not be strands - yet - they have the potential and enrich my world.

3 Jan 2019 09:26 PM

This exercise has provided an opportunity to reflect on the many connections that already exist, but that can use some TLC to develop further. While my HS buddies haven’t come through, I’ve connected with 3 other colleagues/friends that have agreed to have regular calls. Waiting on other replies likely delayed due to the holidays....

2 Jan 2019 09:04 PM

Got it - the rope is coming along. I’ll make another commitment around writing and one around daily planning. I’m learning to be more proactive with my daily plan - and know it will be the most challenging one to master!

28 Dec 2018 01:32 AM

We can still track here and you can write a check. :)

28 Dec 2018 01:29 AM

I also purchased Flowstate for my iPad. Trialed with 5 minutes of randomness - it’s challenging! Thanks for the tip.

28 Dec 2018 01:28 AM

Yeah - I already tried to sign up. Of course it won’t accept my credit card....

28 Dec 2018 12:10 AM

https://membership.n ra.org/join/annuals

28 Dec 2018 12:10 AM

Good job signing up!

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