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9 Nov 2018
Asphalt 8, history, X-box, Minecraft, Computer games/videos, Flame.gg
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26 Apr 2019 12:33 AM

Today, I went to the Allegro Foundation in Sardis Church to help out the disabled children from 4:00 to 4:30. In the Sardis Church, there were only 3 children and three people that volunteer for the Allegro Foundation. They expected to have at least 10 kids in the class, but most of the kids were missing. I get to meet the volunteers and the three children. One named Morgan who unfortunately cannot speak properly made the teachers and the volunteer proud of her work. The other named Andrew, who unfortunately always sits and doesn't do anything. They were doing some activities to help out the disabled kids like finding their body parts and how the animal sound makes. When they were done with the activity, they played the game where they pass through the curtain fabric. We spent 30 minutes on the activity.

27 Feb 2019 03:05 AM

Last Tuesday, 2/19/19, I went to the Allegro foundation to help out the disabled children. So I did not help out the children, because we had a meeting about the rules of helping the children. We spent 1 hour and 45 minutes talking about the rules. In the meeting, we have to wear appropriate clothes and we are not allowed to wear sandals or slippers, because the director of the meeting warned us that there's a girl on a wheelchair likes to run over people. We learned to not use rude words to the children like; Handicap, Disabled, crippled and etc. We learned that the girl, that likes to run over people, was frustrated when she tries to hold an object. We also learned how we practice making the children's limbs to move. There are some funny things that children do, it's that they sometimes run away from the building and the teacher had to chase after the kids.
So I planned to go and help out the kids every Thursday and maybe Friday.

30 Nov 2018 04:55 PM

On October 25, 2018, Ismael and I went to the helping center called Cyzner Institute. This time we both got a schedule. We spent another 3 hours on helping the children. The first room I had to go to was Room A. Which was the opposite room where Ismael was. In Room A, we went outside with Room A students (The students that I met yesterday). In the second line of the schedule, I had to go outside again, because I had look out for the kids from Room E. I didn’t really do anything, during the second schedule.
In the third line of the schedule, I had to go back to Room A. In Room A, I helped out the teacher to do the spelling test for a student. Then, I played Trouble with him and Niko. After that, I got to Room D for the fourth line of the schedule. In Room D, I saw the students do math and counting. Then when they were finished, they started playing board games and drawing. The OTA staff and I played Zinger with Austin.
In the fifth line of the schedule, I went to Room C and helped Griffin microwaving his food and take him to the bathroom. They all had lunch except Room A and B students and me, because their lunch time is at 12 and I ate my lunch at 12. I also did not do a lot of things in Room C.
In the last line of the schedule, I went back to Room A again to have lunch. After I ate my lunch, I decided to play card games with other students. We did not win, because I had to leave at 12:30. The helping center was excellent.

30 Nov 2018 04:54 PM

On October 24, 2018, Ismael and I went to the helping center called Cyzner Institute. Ms. Moss and the little kid, name Mark took us a tour in the Cyzner Institute. We spent 3 hours helping the children, from 9:15 to 12:30. At 9:30 to 10, we went outside and had recess but in the helping center, they called it the Movement. Which is pretty similar to recess. They have 30 minutes in every lessons they took.
At 10 to 10:30, the next lesson they took is speech. I did not see the students doing speech, but I saw the student name Jai, doing his workbook activities. I helped the teacher to give him the new pencil since his old pencil wasn’t sharpened right. When he was done doing his workbook, he drew planets. He likes astronomy, space and planets, so I talked to him about Neil Armstrong.
At 10:30 to 11, we went outside again, because they were playing scavenger hunt. They were supposed to find all four colorful human toy. We played it three times. At 11 to 11:30, Mark wants to play with me, so I went outside again and play scavenger hunt again. But this time we used five different blocks. We played it two times. Mark was a really good hider. He hides things really well.
Finally at 12 to 12:30, they all had lunch except some teachers and me. I went out to lunch after 12:30. During lunch time, I talked to the students about their nationality, the places they came from and animals. At 12:30, I left the Cyzner Institute. The helping center was fun.


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