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1 Feb 2017
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Custom Goal (Not buy fake sugar for... #607709
awesomeken commits to:    Not buy fake sugar for two weeks
Next required report: No more reports due  
Total Amount on the line: $100.00   Successful Periods: 1
Stakes per period: $100.00 Unsuccessful Periods: 0
Remaining Stakes: $0.00 Total Money Lost: $0.00
Contract Start: 21 Jan 2018       "Not buy fake sugar for two weeks"
I commit to:
Not buying fake sugar for two weeks
Contract End: 3 Feb 2019
Contract Length: 378 day(s)
Recipient of Stakes: Charity
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Reporting period: 22 Jan to 4 Feb
Period status:
User report: Success
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6 Feb 2019 02:13 PM

This was really interesting. I made this goal one year ago or something, but somehow the dates got all mixed up and instead of it being set for two weeks (like the title says) it got a full year. Obviously, i havn`t made this stick for a full year, not by a long shot, but what is interesting is that the last few weeks or month i think... i'v actually don exactly what this goal was about. Not knowing (remembering) this challenge at all. Naturally just making the decision to lead my life in that direction anyway. Thats so rad. And i think its supercool. Funny how life works. I also think i actually did do the initial first two weeks a year ago also. Anyhoo. It`s a flying success. And this is all just one big stickky pile of love. :-) See you maybe in the future.

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