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6 Jul 2017
Finance and self-improvement.
Neurohacking and achieving full potential.
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Custom Goal (Pass the 200K mark by... #593972
akaftaro commits to:    Pass the 200K mark by 28
Next required report: Due 22 Mar
Successful Periods: 0   Unsuccessful Periods: 0
Contract Start: 27 Nov 2017       "Pass the 200K mark by 28 "
I commit to:
Have saved/made over 200K dollars by the age of 28.
Contract End: 22 Mar 2021
Contract Length: 1211 day(s)
Recipient of Stakes: No stakes
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Reporting period: 27 Nov to 22 Mar
Period status:
User report: Pending

I commit to:
Have saved/made over 200K dollars by the age of 28.
The user must post a report on 22 Mar.

In the event that this deadline is missed, there will be a 48 hour grace period to report.
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28 Nov 2017 02:25 AM

Keep in mind the consequences or the unattained benefits incurred if this is not attained.
Mom not getting her dreams. Really think about that.
Dad not gaining the comfort and ease he longs for.

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