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I Have Achieved Every Goal
Feb 08
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Nov 10
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May 05
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Apr 30
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Family & Relationships
"No man on his death bed ever looked up into the eyes of his family and friends and said, "I wish I'd spent more time at the office" - Author Unknown

Like most things that we count on to be there for us, it's easy to take our family for granted. From sharing a meal together, to agreeing to forgive and forget, commit to caring for the people and staying in touch with those who mean the most in your life.

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Oct 21

This week has been a little better, although the thoughts still arise every now and then. This evening will mark the 2 week point, which is normally where I fail. I feel today however, that I have more control and am able to do the things I have set out to do, like studying. It also has brought me closer to my family and I am beginning to feel renewed. I don't want to speak too soon as it is a long recovery, but something feels different this time. I continue to remind myself when I have any unwanted thoughts, what would the man I want to be do, it seems to help massively.
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Jan 10

Did not meet due to travel schedule. DLA visit.
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Nov 25

So far I've had a number of repeat words but I've been studying and working on them every day! I'm up to 25 new words as of today, a large majority of them being not-directly-transla table but incredible useful transition phrases (such as "as long as", "which is why", "with regards to", etc.)
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Jan 8

Not the best week. Will do better moving forward. Let Go Phil
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Jan 8

Cold, lots of distraction the first days after Silvester, now back on track
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