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Not-So-Healthy "Health" Foods
By Phyllis Brown   View more articles by this author
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September 14

Some foods you think are “good” for you may not be all that they seem………..


Many people assume that if something has a healthy “buzzword” on the label, or if it’s sold in a health food store, that it’s automatically something good for weight loss.  But, that’s not always the case. Unhealthy choices lurk among even the most seemingly “healthy” foods.  Reading labels is important whenever you’re trying to make healthy and/or slimming food choices.  But, if you’re only reading the front of the package, you can still get into trouble. Most manufacturers use the front label to tout a product’s most healthy attributes. Unfortunately, that doesn’t always mean the food is a good choice for weight loss.

8 Foods That Can Fool You
o    Packaged cereals. Check for excess sugar and lack of fiber
o    Wheat or grain products.  Unless the label says “whole grain” you are not getting the full high fiber benefits
o    High energy bars and drinks. In most cases, the “high energy” comes from high levels of sugar
o    Cereal bars.  Many contain no fiber and lots of sugar and fat
o    Low fat or no fat products. Most of these products compensate with filler like carbohydrates and sugars
o    Trail mix.  The ones containing chocolate chips and sugared fruit contain a lot of sugar
o    Soy milk, chocolate covered nuts and soy bars.  The buzzword here is soy. However, many of these products also contain a lot of sugar and fat

If you want to ensure you are eating healthy food that is also good for weight loss, DON’T just read the front label on the product. DO read the list of ingredients, and most of all, the nutritional label. Pay special attention to the sugar grams and the fat grams. Also, always watch your portions.

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