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New Year's Resolution Ideas: Peculiar Goals Made in 2016
By Nora Fried   View more articles by this author
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December 23

stickKing with your New Year’s resolutions can be challenging – particularly  without someone to hold you accountable and an incentive to keep you on track. Luckily, stickK is here to help!

How does it work? It’s simple:

  • Choose a Goal.  Lose weight, exercise more, learn Spanish, practice the guitar.  Anything works!
  • Set the Stakes.  Put your money where your mouth is by placing money at risk to be forfeited if you don’t succeed.  Your money can be sent to a friend, charity, or even an “anti-charity” - an organization you HATE!
  • Get a Referee.  Ask a close friend, colleague, or family member to verify your progress reports to keep you honest.
  • Add Supporters.  Invite friends and family to receive updates on your progress and encourage you to succeed!

Tens of thousands of goals are made on stickK every year.

We provide a few standard wellness goals to help people get started, but most like to step outside the box and create something unique using our custom goal feature.  Academic goals, career, personal finance, environmental, self-improvement—you name it, we’ve seen it. 

We love any opportunity to honor creativity, so after a quick anonymous review, we’ve pulled our top 10 most creative custom goals seen on stickK from 2016. We hope this will inspire users to think imaginatively about their goals and turn aspirations into achievements.

1. Raise $25,000 to build a school in Laos, Guatemala, or Ghana.
2. Decrease the number of times I bite my nails each day, and I will try my best to completely stop biting my nails each day for at least 5 consecutive weeks.
3. Do 20 minutes of vocal exercises on my way to work in the morning.
4. Talk to three strangers every day. I should at least ask how their day is going and try to keep going from there.
5. Only masturbate on Sunday, and on Sunday I can only masturbate one time.
6. Train to do a free handstand by myself every day.
7. Track every dollar I spend and the emotions associated with each transaction. Every Monday I will log these in a spreadsheet and review overall finances for the month.
8. Not complaining for 21 days straight.
9. Get 1 girl’s number per day for the next 7 days. No excuses.
10. Meet 5 millionaires that travel the world in one year from now!

New Year’s is right around the corner, and studies show stickK users are 3 times more likely to succeed with their resolutions than people who try to tackle them on their own.

Whether you’re doing something for yourself or for someone else, stickK will help you stay committed to and succeed in your goals. Sign up today, put your money on the line, and accomplish something great in 2017!


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