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Going Green, A Lifestyle, Not a Trend
By Emily Leigh Jones   View more articles by this author
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June 01

With recent hype swirling in the media about “Going Green” people are beginning to wonder whether becoming environmental friendly is just another fad, like acid washed jeans or tube tops. In an effort to ensure that becoming eco-friendly doesn’t find it’s way to the last season’s clearance sale rack, I have listed a few easy ways to stickK to your new greener roots.


Keep your recycling bins flowing- Recycling is an excellent way to keep your environmentally friendly life on the right track. Keep a recycling bin next to your regular trashcan in your home; this will help keep recycling simple, yet rewarding. stickKing to recycling helps reduce carbon emissions as well as items being placed in landfills. Most important to you, it reduces your ecological footprint each time you throw a plastic bottle or aluminum can into the recycling bin instead of the trash can.


Turn those lights down low- Electric bills are not only a hassle for you, they are also a burden on the environment. Unplugging unused appliances such as toasters and coffee makers reduces wasted energy. Making sure to turn unnecessary lights off or using candles when possible are simple ways to keep your electric bill down and your green spirits high!


Why use plastic bags, when you have reusable totes?- Plastic bags are so last year, reusable totes are here to stay! Using reusable shopping bags helps reduce the amount of one time use plastic bags that litter and destroy the environment. They are fashionable, and with new designs coming out constantly they are sure to stay alive after the “Going Green” hype dies down. Placing a few reusable bags in your backseat or trunk will help ensure your trips to the grocery store remain in the Earth’s good graces.


Find Your Innermost Environmental Passion- Every person has a different aspect of the environmental movement that is more personal and close to their hearts. Research and join an organization that coincides with your passion and help spread the word about your efforts. This not only helps you stay connected with your green roots, it also allows you to stay active in your community. 


Turn your trash into art- An innovative way to reuse your trash is donating select items to local artists that use recycled items to create beautiful and meaningful artwork. Artists are constantly searching for recycled items to use in their masterpieces, which will ensure that this aspect of being eco-friendly stickKs around for the long haul. 


Focus on reducing first- When it boils down to the beginning of the environmental movement, reducing is the first step that should be taken to save the Earth. Going back to the original, “reduce, reuse, recycle” phrase, reducing is the initial phase on which people should focus. Reducing your use of products and material items will reduce your ecological footprint, increase the environment’s survival rate, and sustain your status as a true “Going Green” individual!

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