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Eating Healthy at the Beach
By Rebecca Mohning   View more articles by this author
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June 01


You have worked really hard all year getting ready for the beach, the last thing you want to do is blow all your hard work by giving in to all the dietary challenges at the beach. Yet on the other hand, you do want to enjoy your trip and go with the flow. How do you find the right balance between being healthy and enjoying some of the beach favorite foods such as cotton candy, funnel cakes, and boardwalk fries? The nutrition information for these favorites does not offer much in the line of nutrition. However, they can be enjoyed in moderation. Consider sharing a boardwalk food with a friend, and keep in mind that only the first few bites are the best.


While you are staying at the beach, remember not to skip breakfast--studies have shown that people who consume breakfast eat 100 fewer calories during the day. Bring along snacks to the beach to avoid a situation of getting too hungry in-between meals. Great beach snacks are fruit, granola bars, snack packs of nuts, and single-serving bags of popcorn, baked lays, and whole wheat pretzels. Don’t forget the bottles of water to stay hydrated while hanging out in the summer sun. Feeling dehydrated may lead to a false sense of hunger and lead to unnecessary snacking. Freeze the bottles of water ahead of time so you will have icy water all day long. When you are going out to dinner keep in mind that seafood or fish is a low calorie entrée choice as long as it is not fried. Don’t forget to add in the vegetables. Be careful with the dressings and toppings that might be added to salads.


For your next trip have a plan for the vacation. Strategize what to pack and buy to have on hand when you get there.  Decide which beach foods you must have while you are there and choose one to have per day or a few during the course of the week. After all, you may only have these foods once a year. Another way to compensate for extra calories during the week at the beach is to stay active.  Play some beach volleyball, throw a Frisbee, or take some strolls up and down the beach to burn some extra calories.


Enjoy your summer!


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