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stickKing to your Green New Years Resolutions
By Emily Leigh Jones   View more articles by this author
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January 27

New Years is a time for friends, family, fun, fiestas and of course resolutions. Each year people brainstorm for weeks, maybe even months, over their new years resolutions and how they plan to actually maintain that resolution for longer than two weeks. One resolution that filled the air for 2010 is "become more environmentally friendly." Although this may seem like a Titanic sized task to take on, there are small changes that can help you get started with your new eco-friendly lifestyle. In an effort to help people stickK to their green resolutions, I’ve put together a few easy changes anybody can make.

Turning off electronics and appliances when they are not in use is one of the simplest ways to reduce your carbon footprint. Unplugging kitchen appliances, such as coffee makers, toasters, and griddles when you are done with them can help save on electricity usage. Even when these appliances are not being used they still burn unnecessary electricity. Making sure to unplug cell phone charges and completely shut down computers are two other excellent ways to reduce electricity costs.

Taking advantage of reusable shopping bags is another simple and stellar way to jumpstart your green resolution. One time use plastic bags are extremely harmful to the environment and can not be recycled, which is why many people are choosing to opt out of paper or plastic and instead bringing their own reusable bag.  As a result, reusable shopping bags increased in popularity during 2009, and with continued push for people to utilize them, 2010 is sure to be the year of the reusable bag. The bags are made from material like canvas that are durable and can be reused multiple times.

Brainstorming innovative ideas and ways to help make the planet more environmentally friendly is one of the most creative and yet satisfying ways to stickK to your environmental new year’s resolution. The small changes that people make to their lives in an effort to help save the Earth is an excellent beginning to this monster of an issue, yet discovering new ideas and ways to join people together in this battle is the true turning point for the environmental movement. Motivating and teaching others about how they can help save the environment helps to keep your resolution fresh in your mind. 

Take 2010 by storm this year by stickKing to your new year’s resolution of becoming more environmentally friendly with these simple tips that are not only positive changes for you, but lifesaving changes for the environment as well. 

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