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Unlocking The Key To A Powerful Resume
By Diana Ramirez   View more articles by this author
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August 14
Key Words are powerful tools in today’s automated resume tracking systems and computer systems use them to sort and rank your resume. The more key words you have listed on your resume the higher your resume will float up a heavily populated resume pool.
Tip : Convert your Word resume (.doc) into an electronic version such as a rich text file (RTF) or text file (.txt) with line breaks when applying for jobs on-line, unless asked otherwise. Converting your resume into these formats reduces errors on your document and converts symbols such as bullets into readable formats and eliminates the need to reformat your resume every time you apply for jobs on-line. I have screened hundreds of resumes and when I come across one with question marks and unreadable text I don’t have time to decode the resume, I just keep going to the next one. Yes - you can make a text resume look decent.
Most big companies use automated systems to screen resumes to a manageable number by setting screening parameters, such as desired and required key words. Once the resumes are down to a manageable number a manual screen is done to find the candidates they want to interview.
It seems that hundreds of people are competing for jobs that they normally would not apply for. Recently in Tacoma, Washington over 1,400 people applied for an hourly meter reader position that paid $17.76 to $23.56 an hour. The people that applied for this job were former fire fighters, mid-level management and IT workers, so typing in key words at the bottom of your resume could move you past the competition.
Key words would also eliminate the need for multitude resumes – if written correctly, just one good resume will work. Simply add key words at the bottom of your resume. Change them up for each job you apply for, that is the beauty of key words, they are not as permanent as your resume.  Adding key words allows you to save time and money without having to reformat your resume. When you apply for a job, add your new key words in the cover letter to tie it all together.
To see an example of a text resume with key words in it visit: www.ramirezcareerconsulting.com
Adding key words to a txt resume it perfectly acceptable. Never add key words to a word document.  A word resume is just the visually pleasing resume you give at the interview.
Lastly, always convert your word resume into a text document, even if the document looks good, once you submit it, it might come out jumbled on the other side, which is why your phone may not be ringing.
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Comment by jahid
23 May 2015 02:52 PM
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