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Who’s Managing Your Career?
By Diana Ramirez   View more articles by this author
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July 16

Recently I started a project to create a Career Road Map for employees from day 1 to retirement. I realized that there is one fundamental thing that needs to happen for a career to flourish – Action.

Company Action: to provide you with the environment, resources and opportunities to advance in your career.

Your Action: to utilize the resources and opportunities, understand company needs and resist career myths such as:

  • Career development is only for new hires
  • I’ve got to get into management
  • Promotion equals success – lateral moves have no meaning
  • You’ve got to play the game to get ahead

Career Map Myths

Career development is only for new hires: from day 1 start creating goals and how to apply them to your career. Keep records of your work history, learning and community involvement.

I’ve got to get into management: consider the pros and cons of a management position. Do you have more technical expertise, managerial expertise or both?

Promotion equals success – lateral moves have no meaning: consider lateral moves which can give you a great breath and depth of experience. Assignments develop and apply your expertise: 80% of career development happens via assignments?

You’ve got to play the game to get ahead: You don’t have to play office politics to get ahead. When it comes to your career don’t be passive about being noticed, start applying for job postings, start thinking strategically about your career and start interacting with others to increase other opportunities.

If you are quiet and reserved by nature, raising your profile may feel uncomfortable. But people who quietly wait to be discovered, often wait a long, long time

Career Resource: Quintessential Careers: Job Search Tool

Tip: A good starting point for creating your Career Road Map is to talk to your Human Resources Representative to identify the structure of your job, i.e., complete job description, job code, levels within your job and more. Keep a copy in a binder along with a work history, certificates, accomplishments, performance reviews which are useful during job interviews.

In my next article I will be focusing on green occupations – The green economy is changing tasks, skills, and jobs across the country. Discover important information for over 100 occupations going green.

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