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Happy Mother’s Day, Mother Earth!
By Emily Leigh Jones   View more articles by this author
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April 30


With Mother’s Day just around the corner, the prime question in all of our minds is, what should we get our wonderful mothers on their special day? This Mother’s Day instead of the ordinary gift, why not try something a bit more adventurous, and of course environmentally friendly! 


Rain barrels might not be the most glamorous gift to give a mom, but painting a rain barrel with bright and beautiful art can make it one of the greatest gifts she will ever get. Many moms enjoy spending time in the garden, and often times spend hours watering plants with the hose. Having a rain barrel can help decrease the amount of water usage by collecting rain water that can be used later to water the plants. Painted rain barrels are not only amazing to see in a garden, they are also a wonderful way to help protect the environment.


Maybe your mom doesn’t garden, but she loves to cook. Purchasing a gift certificate to a local farmer’s market could be just the perfect present for your mom on Mother’s Day. Farmer’s Markets offer fresh and local food and products that help stimulate the local economy. Not only will your mom enjoy fresh produce, she will also be helping save Mother Earth.    


Flowers are always a favorite on Mother’s Day; an eco-friendly twist to this tradition is purchasing a live plant arrangement which can be planted in a garden (next to the painted rain barrel) after the holiday is over. Live plant arrangements show a special thanks to mothers, as well as Mother Earth.


One gift idea that could melt any mother’s heart is a homemade gift. Homemade gifts are sentimental and often times the most touching to a parent. Homemade gifts cost little money and can be made out of items found in nature. A few ideas for nature gifts include birdhouses made out of wood and art made out of recycled material. Crafting your own card is another excellent way to cut cost and help save the environment, make a Mother’s Day card from recycled paper, leaves, or recycled tissue paper. These unique gifts will surely send a tear down a mother’s eye or bring a smile to their face.  


Mothers are a special part of our lives, and Mother’s Day is an excellent way to let them know how much we care. For this Mother’s Day think of a way to give thanks to the mothers of the world, as well as Mother Nature.  


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