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Treatments for Obesity
By Phyllis Brown   View more articles by this author
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March 10

Obesity treatments have 2 objectives:

  • To achieve a healthy weight
  • To maintain a healthy weight

Any obese person who loses just five to ten percent of their body weight (ex. 10- 20 pounds if your start weight is 200) will have significant improvement in health.  Experts have found that a modest weight loss of one to two pounds a week has a higher success rate of loss and keeping their weight off.

Easier Treatments:

1.    Dietary changes

Consuming less sugar and more fruits, vegetables and whole grains is helpful for weight loss.

Trying to lose weight too quickly by crash-dieting carries the following risks:

  • Chance of developing health problems
  • Chance of developing vitamin deficiencies
  • Chance of rapid weight gain

2.    Physical Activity

The more you move your body, the more calories you burn.  Try to find activities which you can fit into your daily routine.

Extreme Treatments:

3.    Prescription medications for losing weight

Prescription drugs for weight loss should only be used with medical supervision to help with other methods of weight loss.

4.    Weight loss surgery

Also known as bariatric surgery. It comes from the Greek word baros, which means weight.  There are two types of bariatric surgeries:

  • Restrictive procedures – to make the stomach smaller.
  • Malabsorptive procedures – to bypass part of the small intestine.

Recognizing obesity and making sustainable changes in your level of physical activity and eating can lead to a healthier and more productive life while avoiding medication and surgery.

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