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Holiday Aftermath
By Emily Leigh Jones   View more articles by this author
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January 01

The holidays can prove to be an environmental disaster, yet the aftermath of the holidays can send the Earth into a downward spiral of distress. With all the stress that correlates with the holidays it is easy to let the environmentally friendly side slip out of our minds. Wrapping paper and Christmas trees are essential parts of the holidays, but in the wake of the festivities these items can become a mountain of waste without proper disposal.


Watching children tear open the gifts that Santa left them during the night is always a site to see as the wrapping paper flies through the air and clutters the floor. The normal instinct is to place all the discarded paper in a large bag and haul it out to the trash container which is detrimental to the environment. An eco-friendly way to dispose of used wrapping paper is to recycle it at designated locations in your area. Another way to reduce your ecological footprint is to store and reuse wrapping paper next year.


Christmas trees are one of the most cherished decorations during the holiday season, and purchasing a real tree is still a tradition for many families. When recycled properly, Christmas trees can be a wonderful way to nurture the Earth. Christmas trees can be made into mulch and used for landscaping the yard or garden. You may also choose to donate your tree to a local agency that will recycle your tree for you, and make it into mulch.


Holiday leftovers may be the greatest thing since chocolate cake, but after a few days of only eating green bean casserole and dressing they can become a nuisance rather than a delightful treat. Instead of tossing your leftovers in the garbage this year, why not take this opportunity to start a compost pile. Compost piles are an amazing way to fertilize your garden throughout the year in an environmentally friendly way, and almost all of your leftover holiday food other than meat can be used in a compost pile.

These ideas are just a few ways to make the wake of the holiday season one that is enjoyable for you and the environment.          


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