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10 Ways to Eat Healthy at School/Work
By Julie C.H. Brake   View more articles by this author
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September 10

It’s that back-to-school time of year, and many students struggle with how to eat healthy at school or amidst a busy class schedule. If you’re not in school, you may be struggling with eating healthy at work. With a fast-paced lifestyle, nutrition can quickly be downgraded to a low priority. Here are 10 simple ways to keep your eating healthy at school and/or work:


  1. Eat breakfast. Many people say they can’t eat when they first get up. It is okay to eat breakfast an hour or so after you wake, but don’t skip it entirely. Breakfast starts your body’s digestive system and metabolism for the day. The more you eat earlier in the day, the less you will want to snack on unhealthy things later in the day.
  2. Carry a water bottle with you or have one at your desk at work. Being adequately hydrated helps the body stay in tune with when it is hungry and when it is full. If you’re not allowed to carry a water bottle at school, stop at the water fountain between classes.
  3. Schedule regular snacks. Try to have one mid-morning and one mid-afternoon. Have things available for grab-and-go snacks, like apples, granola bars, dried fruit, or trail mix.
  4. Keep extra foods available. The goal is not to eat everything you have but to always have something healthy for when you are hungry. If you have a day where you are more active and need something more to eat, you will have a healthy option. Or if lunch is going to be later than usual, you can have a little something when you are hungry and eat your full lunch later. This prevents vending machine eating as well as overeating later in the day.
  5. Be sure to eat adequately at meals. Choose foods from all of the food groups – grains, protein, vegetables, fruit, dairy – especially at lunch. If meals are inadequate or skipped, your body will want you to make up for it later, which tends to result in overeating of unhealthy foods.
  6. Minimize caffeine after lunch. Caffeine gives the body energy because it is a stimulant, but often what the body needs is nutrition to keep going. This includes energy drinks, which often are extremely high in caffeine content. Listen to when your body is hungry and eat a sensible snack instead.
  7. Surround yourself with healthy eaters. Better yet, encourage your friends and co-workers to have snacks and healthy meals with you. Have a snack swap to change things up, or have a potluck at work to avoid fast food outings.
  8. Avoid empty-calorie foods and fluids. These are items that give you calories but offer little or no nutritional value, like sodas, sweet tea, candies, chips, etc. Occasionally having these things is fine, but be honest with yourself about how often you are putting low-grade fuel into your body.
  9. Balance your intake. Avoiding any one food or food group entirely will cause you to crave it later. Be sure to eat adequately from the food groups, and allow favorites occasionally to prevent overeating them due to deprivation.
  10. Use nutritional drinks to your advantage when you are crunched for time. If time is short, using a nutrition supplement, smoothie, or nutrition bar is a quick way to get nutrition. It is ideal to have fully adequate meals and snacks, but it is better to use a nutritional product than to skip a meal or snack altogether.


Make nutrition a priority. Keep these tips in mind, and eating healthier at school and work will become easier. For personalized nutrition and eating recommendations, look for a Registered Dietitian in your area.


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